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Getting started...

1. Download robocode here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/robocode/files/
2. Open robocode in your robocode directory in home. Then double click either robocode.bat if you are in windows, robocode.sh if you are in linux, or robocode.command if you are on a macintosh.
3. Now you should see the robocode icon on the home page pop up, and, soon after, a window with ROBOCODE in green block letters.
4. Let's make a robot. Firstly, this tutorial is assuming you know the basics of the java programming language.  If you do not, I highly advise you learn it before beginning to edit your robot. If you do know, click the robot menu and click editor. Now a large gray frame will appear.
5. Select File-New Robot. This should give you options for robot name and package. The name is irrelevant, but you want to enter the same package for all your robots.  Otherwise, you will end up with a very large mess after making only a couple of robots.
6. Congrats! You have made your first robot. If you seem to grasp what is going on in this new editor frame which popped up, good for you. I suggest you now play around with your robot, making some more ahead and turning statements. Once you have done some stuff, go on to the other pages which will have useful chunks of code to get you started. If everything is meaningless to you, I will give you the same suggestion as in step 4.

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